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Providing high-quality online speech therapy should be simple.

Streamlined clinical care

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  • Streamlined session planning
  • Built-in soap notes
  • Built-in data and performance tracking tools

Bring active engagement to your sessions

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  • Immersive 3D activities
  • Multiplayer collaborative activities
  • Built-in rewards and motivation
  • Watch youtube videos together

Continue Care Outside of Therapy

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  • Client portal
  • Assign structured homework
  • Built-in client management tool
  • Personalized journey map

Be at ease with HIPAA Complaince and Built In Security

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  • Logging and Logs Integrity
  • Data Encryption in Transit and at Rest
  • Fince Grain Access - Enforcing Least Priviledge
  • Data Backup, High Availability and Disaster Recovery

"Features like the ability to disable a patient’s cursor, the scheduling tool, being able to assign homework, are all very much needed."

Dana Handrow
SLP, Handrow Educational Support

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