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Speech Therapy Platform

Online speech therapy can be hard, messy, complicated… and still the best way to deliver care. That’s why we made STAi — a place where speech therapists deliver fun, easy, and engaging online speech therapy.

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A better way to deliver care

Unlike zoom, delivering care in STAi is fun, easy, and engaging. And it's more than a video call — you can play multiplayer activities, document clinical notes, watch youtube videos - all in one place without ever sharing a screen or giving up remote control.

Plan your next session in just minutes

STAi streamlined session planning allows you to plan and deliver comprehensive online speech therapy services, video chat, multiplayer activities, clinical documentation, scheduling all in one place. Less time scrambling and more time with your clients

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Welcome to virtual care that meets your needs. See how we’re building a better experience for people just like you.

Providing high-quality online speech therapy should be simple.

Streamlined clinical care

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  • Streamlined session planning
  • Built-in soap notes
  • Built-in data and performance tracking tools

Bring active engagement to your sessions

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  • Immersive 3D activities
  • Multiplayer collaborative activities
  • Built-in rewards and motivation
  • Watch youtube videos together

Continue Care Outside of Therapy

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  • Client portal
  • Assign structured homework
  • Built-in client management tool
  • Personalized journey map

Be at ease with HIPAA Complaince and Built In Security

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  • Logging and Logs Integrity
  • Data Encryption in Transit and at Rest
  • Fince Grain Access - Enforcing Least Priviledge
  • Data Backup, High Availability and Disaster Recovery

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