Transforming the future of care

May 14th, 2017

If one has a better understanding of their health, they can have a better quality of life, for their whole life.

Medicine Driven by patients and data

Real world data not only helps us understand existing treatments/activities and when to use them, but can also inform the development of future treatments. Insights from a patients session inform those coming from research. And this data drives the speech, language, and communication industry forward.

Precision medicine is already changing outcomes. Its helping patients live longer, better lives by ensuring each person gets the right treatment at the right time.

From standard to personalized care.

Personalized care means more than precision medicine because it contains the word care

Diagnostics for smarter decisions

Digital clinical decision support puts massive amounts of data in the hands of clinicians, facilitating their discussion and enabling them to make the best decision regarding therapy for a patient

Every Speech, language, and communication condition is unique. Lets treat it that way. Every condition is unique. Discover how smart assessments can guide personalized treatment decisions

Speech Therapy Software and the value of digital health

  • By connecting the dots between patients, speech therapists, medical research and more, digital health provides data driven results to support life-changing decisions.

Clinical decision support

  • Transforming complexity into opportunity

We are developing innovative solutions to bring more personalized care across the patient journey, from diagnosis to therapy decison, treatment and regression monitoring.

Transforming the healthcare system - speech therapy system

  • Personalize healthcare is not only about treating and preventing speech, langugage, and communication disorders for individual patients. It is also about rethinking the healthcare system for future generations. Personalized medicine can deliver efficiencies that will keep healthcare systems sustainable in the face of rising costs and the short of providers. But the systems will need to evolve as well.
  • Approaches to data sharing, treatment plans, and regulatory processes will all be affected by digitalization.
  • To realize this promise of personalized healthcare, the whole system - from the way we develop therapies tot he way care is delivered to patients - has to evolve.

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