Achieving the future of speech therapy starts now

May 15th, 2017

Building bridges

Learn how we are partnering with healthcare systems around the world to improve speech, language, and communication care and lay the groundwork for personalized healthcare.

Open-sourcing health

Effective and purposeful collaborations will allow us to do much more together, to be much smarter together, than we can be alone.

Would you share your data?

Most patients are willing to share their data to contribute to medical progress, but they want transparency

We need to partner across the industry to shape the entire ecosystem that supports personalize healthcare. Its grand and ambitious and its is what needs to happen to transform patient care

Collaboration is key

  • We are working to ensure personalized medicine becomes the norm across mainstream, everyday healthcare.
  • We are partnering with leaders in health and technology, with governments and regulatory bodies, as well as physicians and advocates, to realize that vision.
  • Our unique capabilities under one roof means we can follow where the science, the technology, and the data takes us. But we know we can’t do it alone; we will only achieve this goal through partnerships.
  • This is a time of remarkable collaborations across industries and companies.
  • Our purpose continues to be doing now what patients need next - making sure everyone gets access to the personalize healthcare they need.

Democratizing healthcare

  • Cross-sector collaborations are making healthcare more democratic, accessible, and effective

Partnering to fulfill the promise of personalized healthcare

  • The promise of personalized healthcare is a simple one: finding the right treatment for every patient. Through strategic partnerships, STAi is committed to fulfilling that promise.

Personalized healthcare and the complexity of data sharing

  • Shifting paradigm of transparency and patient privacy when it comes to data

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